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SMS Marketing & Mobile Advertising

We always have our phones close at hand. Therefore, text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt at most. And the expected ones immediately (e.g. codes, passwords).

 On average, a 200% higher conversion rate than other digital marketing strategies; especially if the SMS includes a short URL.  

9 out of 10 consumers prefer to communicate with brands via SMS messages (alerts, notifications, promotions, etc.).

SMS marketing outperforms email marketing with a 98% open rate and only 1% spam. In contrast, e-mail has a 20% open rate and 49.7% spam.

Engagement is also much higher, with a click-through rate of 36% for SMS and just 3.4% for E-mail.

45% response rate for SMS messages compared to only 8% for E-mails.

Up to 80% of consumers preferred to track their online orders via SMS.

Excellent ROI. The price of an SMS campaign is low; for example, 20 euros for 500 SMS and 190 euros for 5000 classic SMS. And you don’t need specialized staff (programmer, web designer, and copywriter).

How much does it cost to deliver promotional and transactional text messages? sendSMS has the following prices:

➡️ 20 EUR  for 500 SMS

➡️ 39 EUR for 1,000 SMS

➡️ 190 EUR for 5,000 SMS

➡️ 360 EUR for 10,000 SMS

➡️ 700 EUR for 20,000 SMS

(Prices do not include VAT)

We cover 900 networks from +170 countries, which you will find here.

You only pay for what you use (SMS credits). And the validity of the credits is unlimited. N.B.: The first payment requires operator verification and as soon as it is approved, the payment will be allocated to your account.

The use of the sendSMS platform is free. Register here. It can be used from any device (PC, smartphone, tablet).

We also have dozens of free SMS plugins and free no-code integrations for the most popular CMSs, CRMs, Integrators. See the list here.

The classic SMS has 160 characters, enough to include the essentials and the most persuasive conversion factors.  You can calculate the number of characters of the SMS you want to send using this online tool: https://www.sendsms.ro/en/sms-length-calculator-2/

Good to know: Write without symbols and special characters so you can include as many words as possible. Rich Media Messaging, sent through the Google RCS messaging app built into any Android smartphone, allows a maximum of 1600 characters. The RCS Business service revolutionizes SMS Marketing, offering the possibility to send longer text messages and rich media content (photos, videos, audio, carousels, configurable buttons, and chatbots). 

What can I include in a text message? Can I add links, images, or videos?

With classic SMS messages, you have enough space to integrate a short link (in-house short URL solution) and emojis.

Related to classic SMS with emoji, since Unicode characters have more bytes, the character limit will decrease from 160 to 70.

With RCS Business Messaging, you can include a variety of rich media content: photos, video, audio, carousels with options, configurable buttons, and maps.

Advertise this option through your website (pop-ups, banners) and other channels (email, social media). Using contests to build your SMS list is another good way to achieve this goal.

Also, you can launch campaigns on the databases of mobile network operators. If you target Romanian consumers, sendSMS, in partnership with Vodafone and Orange Romania, offers you access to millions of potential consumers at a low cost. The client database will be segmented and filtered by your criteria.

Statistics say that consumers would like to receive service notifications via text regarding discounts or promotions. Therefore you can build your SMS list by offering special discounts or other advantages – free delivery, notifications in advance regarding promotional campaigns, and extra services (free technical support, free samples, free ebooks).

To receive transactional texts, the customer gives their implicit consent (when they create an account on a website when they fill out an online or offline form). Promotional texts require the recipient’s express consent.

sendSMS.ro includes all the necessary tools to comply with the European GDPR regulation: Blocklist, Unsubscribe Link, Landing page with subscription option, in-house Short URL solution hosted on servers in Romania, the possibility to reply with STOP to Rich Media SMS messages or Viber.

Use these templates with confidence! Each template corresponds, in terms of the number of characters, to a single SMS message.

For example, in e-commerce, there are a few very effective conversion factors: freebies (discounts, promotions), social proof (reviews, popularity), and crucial, essential information about the product (category bias) [Think with Google experiments, 2021]. Also, in the case of substantial discounts, the sense of urgency or FOMO works.

  • You register on the sendSMS.ro platform here.
  • Load the phone number list.
  • If you want, you can segment your contacts at the level of the purchased product, period, minimum order amount, and county.
  • Write the message or customize the templates for SMS campaigns.
  • Purchase credits (unlimited validity). N.B.: The first payment requires operator verification and as soon as it is approved, the payment will be allocated to your account.
  • Send mass text messages or schedule SMS campaigns. You only pay for what you consume (credits).
  • Check the reports and enjoy the results.
  • All this with zero technical knowledge! And without the need for specialized staff!

You can also contact us. We’ll guide you to the most suitable process for your business and goals.

If you want that, yes! If not, no!

If you want to collect responses, create 2-WaySMS campaigns.

The most common 2-way SMS campaigns are those through which the customer sends a text message to a short number to find out data on the account balance, to win an instant prize in a contes, to sign up for an event, to confirm or cancel an appointment, or to be contacted by a consultant.

sendSMS has a global reach. You can send your messages to customers in more than 170 countries. That’s convenient not only for international businesses but also for reaching out to customers who happen to be out of the country when you launch your SMS campaign.

SendSMS covers over 900 networks from 170+ countries which you will find here. If you need more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

At a basic level, automation means sending mass messages, scheduling Bulk SMS campaigns, and setting standard responses in 2waySMS campaigns.

For advanced automation, there are 2 main options:

  • You use a third-party integrator or automation platform that connects the sendSMS module to thousands of applications of all types. Thus, based on some triggers, SMS notifications are automatically sent. And to do that, you don’t need any programming knowledge; everything is drag & drop or automation templates already set up. See the list of our no-code integrations here.
  • You connect your app to our platform via SMS API and manage all customer interactions from one place.  

Do you need advice or technical support on implementing and customizing notifications via SMS, RCS, Viber, and other channels? Check out our IT Partners

We put a great deal of effort into security:

-Multiple layers of security at hardware and software, network, web interface, and message content levels.

-We automatically filter SMS phishing attacks (smishing).

-Accounts with 2FA and OTP via SMS or IP restriction.

-HTTPS for encrypted data transmission.

-Zero trust/ zero knowledge (the code is not kept clear).

-We send the messages directly to the carriers short message center (without intermediaries).

-sendSMS annually renews its ISO 27001 certification, which ensures that security measures keep up with threats and vulnerabilities.

The SMS sender ID is simply who a text message is from. It’s also known as the originator. In some countries, the process is free, and in others you will pay a one-time fee for implementation. You can obtain an Alphanumeric Sender ID by contacting us.

To get a short code (17XX, 18XX or 37XX, 38XX) or a Virtual Long Number (12 digits), contact us.

Of course! sendSMS offers you an account manager dedicated to the project, free 24/7 e-mail support in English and Romanian ([email protected] or [email protected]), and Phone support between 09:00 and 17:00, from Monday to Friday (+40727 363 767).

Free Resources:

For custom developments, see our recommendations here. You just contact them directly. SendSMS does not in any way mediate the relationship between its customers and the referred partners and does not charge any commission.

Despre sendSMS

14 years of activity

in the SMS Marketing & Mobile Advertising sector.

2,500 companies

we’ve helped to retain their customers and increase their sales.

Multichannel Notifications

Classic and Rich Media (Google RCS) SMS, Chat platforms, Email applications.

171 countries

we cover + 900 telephone networks worldwide.


one of the most reliable Communications Platform as a Service in Europe.

33 integrations

no-code and low-code with CMS, CRM, ERP softwares worldwide. Free native SMS addons.

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