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Short URL

Thanks to the new SendSMS service, you can now create thousands of unique messages to ensure customer communication, update order status, inform customers about delivery delays or other changes, notifications about various fundraising and location-based promotions using short links.

In addition, the use of short links allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing actions and gives you additional information about your recipients.
Thus, you can add diffrent short URLs types: https://ros.ms to a message, which automatically redirects users to any specified web page, the URL being visible as https://ros.ms/xyz (each user will had its own unique "xyz" variables).
Due to this feature, it is no longer necessary to use a large number of characters to write the URL and it will be possible to monitor clicks on short links. You can also download additional user information, in particular about:

Operating system (iOS, Android)

The type of browser used

The type of device used

The exact date when they accessed the link

Other advantages of shortened links would be:

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