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The SendSMS company offers its mobile communication expertise and, moreover, a dedicated account manager who will offer all the information you need to connect to the SendSMS mobile applications platform. SendSMS finds itself on the Romanian SMS marketing market since 2008 and offers a full communication platform on Vodafone and Orange telecommunication networks. A large number of clients trust us. You should join them!

SMS Marketing Services through SendSMS.ro

SMS Platform

SMS Platform

Send SMS. Or how to use mobile marketing without specially trained personnel. Blending marketing abilities with the technology…

Number lookup

Number lookup

Vrei să optimizezi mesajele şi să economiseşti bani? Asta face serviciul nostru HLR prin identificarea destinaţiilor unde nu pot fi livrate mesajele.

Among the advantages of the SMS campaigns we mention the following:

The communication of the message is direct;

High percentage of SMSs views;

The message reaches the targeted audience;

Loyalty of the existing clients;

Very favorable cost-benefits report;

Measurable results;

Direct responsed/feedback channel.


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