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Number Portability Query Service Romania

Number Portability Query Service
- organize your database to send SMS messages or voice calls depending on the real operator

Our portability product allows you to query the Number Portability Database in Romania. You benefit from daily updates. It can be accessed via API or directly from your SendSMS platform account, giving you current information about the ported numbers from all the mobile networks in Romania.

Number Portability Statistics in Romania

According to ANCOM reports, in the first six months of 2022, 614,124 telephone numbers were ported, of which 94%, respectively 577,415 were mobile numbers and 36,709 landline numbers.
84% of the number porting in the first half of 2022 was made by individuals and 16% by legal entities.

mobile numbers ported in romania 2022
mobile numbers ported in romania 2022

Since 21 October 2008, when the service was launched in Romania, the number of users who chosed to move their phone number has increased steadily. The total of numbers ported in Romania for the period 2015- 2021:

number portability romania 2015-2021


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