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The implementation of the management system for information security and the ISO 27001 certification of the company Any Media Development SRL (sendSMS.ro) demonstrates the commitment for the protection of the processed data, the continuity of activities (business continuity) and the observance of the national and international legislation in the field.

Advantages of implementing the Information Security Management System ISO 27001:

– We know the weaknesses of the computer system and you can act accordingly

– We are able to make informed decisions about investments in hardware and software for the protection of IT systems

– Response times in case of an incident are greatly reduced, ensuring an increase in productivity, eliminating dead times

– We know how to allocate resources efficiently within the company

– We greatly reduce the risks that the sendSMS system is subject to due to IT vulnerabilities

– We have the ability to always keep up with the most profitable technological advances in the field

About ISO 27001