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Welcome to www.sendsms.ro

Please read below these terms and conditions for using sendsms.ro services and products. By accessing or visiting this website you agree on all conditions set in this section and it also represents your fully acceptance for representing the actual contract.
SC Anyplace Media SRL, also referred to as www.sendsms.ro, as author, owner and administrator of this website (www.sendsms.ro), reserves the right to change, adjust or change these terms, as well as the Privacy Policy, in any moment without any further notification.
Therefore, please visit this section regularly in order to check the terms and conditions you agreed to respect.


These terms and conditions are in effect and they apply to the entire www.sendsms.ro website, which is written, owned and administrated by SC Anyplace Media SRL.

Furthermore all pages from www.sendsms.ro, as they are currently presented to you or modified in future, will be generally referred to as The Website.

In this document, words in the singular include the plural, words in the plural include the singular, words denoting masculine include the feminine and the words denoting the feminine include the masculine.

Notice of Copyright Infringement

SC Anyplace Media SRL is The Website’s author and it is the owner of all legal rights according to the Romanian and international legislation. Unless stated otherwise, all materials including images illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, audio / video, etc. are the property of or licensed by SC Anyplace Media SRL.

Informations and content

The Websites’ content (text, descriptions of products and services, technical characteristics, images, symbols) is entirely owned by SC Anyplace Media SRL and its distributors and resellers. As some information can be introduced in The Website by these third parts SC Anyplace Media SRL cannot be held liable for their clarity and veracity, though the company will make all efforts so the information presented will be true.

Licence and assignment

www.sendsms.ro will grant a limited license to access / visit The Website without the possibility of changing it in the absence of an agreement with SC Anyplace Media SRL.

The present license does not include :
– Using or reselling the information presented on The Website;
– Downloading and copying information regarding the account user;
– Using data mining techniques, bots or a similar technology which will enable extraction and data analysis;

www.sendsms.ro cannot guarantee the availability of all displayed services.
The Website’s full or partial content may be not reproduced, duplicated, copied, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited or otherwise exploited for commercial use without the prior written consent of www.sendsms.ro


SC Anyplace Media SRL is the rightful owner of sendSMS, a registered trademark.

The online domain is owned by SC Any Place Media SRL. Without SC Any Place Media SRL agreement this trademark or this domain or any name mentioned above cannot be used directly, indirectly, as an ambiguity, in a by-end or as a cross-purpose to the company’s will (such as, but not limited to, meta tags or other techniques for indexing or searching the web) otherwise charges will be pressed according to the Romanian laws. Any unauthorized use will immediately revoke any granted license of use as mentioned above.

Terms of use and guarantees

SC Any Place Media SRL does not guarantee that The Website, the hosted servers, or e-mails from www.sendsms.ro contain no viruses or other potentially harmful computer components.

The visitor will use this website at its own risk. SC Any Place Media SRL cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages after using, accessing or visiting The Website and in the same time for errors or lack of information in its content.

SC Any Place Media SRL does not grant any guarantee for The Website’s content. The published information from The Website’s content has had a real source when they were written.


Conducting unauthorized operations on The Website or even attempting, including but not only abusive, fraudulent, unauthorized actions, copying The Website’s content or blocking other’s access to it will result in pressing charges against and acting according to the Romanian law.


The Website’s users can comment or note, suggest or propose ideas regarding the content and also ask questions about it as long as the message content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, injurious, which can affect www.sendsms.ro intellectual property rights or to any other third parties, which do not contain viruses or political messages, commercial offers and spam messages.
You may not use a false e-mail address or to pose like another person or entity. www.sendsms.ro reserves the right, but not the obligation, to remove or publish such transmitted information.
By sending such information, unless otherwise specified, you will grant www.sendsms.ro and its partners or affiliates the free and irrevocable license or right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, derive, distribute or display them anywhere in the media. You also grant www.sendsms.ro and its partners or affiliates the right to use the name you used and sent in your message if it is decided so.

You state and grant that you own and control all rights regarding all transmitted information, that these are correct and using them does not stand in opposition to The Website’s terms and conditions or they will not cause any damages to www.sendsms.ro or any other third parties.

Email address usage and confidentiality.

By adding your email address on www.sendsms.ro network you give your acceptance to receive commercial news and information regarding our services or any other information in this field of interest.

SC Any Place Media SRL commits to keep all your personal data confidential.

Intellectual property

SC Any Place Media SRL respects all intellectual property and fi you consider that some of your work or an entire set of information was copied please send us a notification that contains:
– Your or the responsible person’s named to represent your personal written or electronic signature.
– A clear description of the protected materials that you may think their rights are violated.
– The page and paragraph from the site where you noticed that your rights were violated.
– Your address, email address and your phone number and a statement where you mention that you are convinced and sustain that our content violates intellectual property rights.

Compliance with Legislation

There terms of use are legally compliant with Romanian laws. In case of litigation, within 30 working days from its registration, a friendly settlement will be tried.

If an agreement cannot be reached the dispute will be solved by the nearest court of justice from SC Any Place Media SRL headquarters.