• Mobile Advertising

    Meet the supreme advertising and marketing tool: the mobile phone!

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  • 2 Factor Authentication

    Two-factor authentication adds a second level of authentication to an account log-in.

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  • SMS Platform

    Send SMS. Or how to get in the mobile marketing field without specialized trained personnel.

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  • SMS Campaigns

    Choose direct communication by SMS. SMS marketing, SMS alerts or SMS Customer Care? No matter…

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  • 2 Way SMS

    Interact with millions of users worldwide using only one number. That’s what 2 way SMS campaigns are. When you start a 2 way communication campaign, you have the option to choose between short numbers or SIM Hosting.

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  • HLR Number Lookup

    Want to optimize messages and save money? That’s what our HLR service does by identifying destinations where messages cannot be delivered. Basically, it’s a service that makes sure your messages get to destination and a number which…

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SMS campaigns are the cheapest and most accepted forms of mobile marketing. Marketing by SMS can be used for increasing sales, building your brand, CRM, loyalty and retention campaigns, but also as a direct answer tool for TV, radio or print campaigns.

SMS Marketing – The most straightforward marketing channel

  • Efficiency – the SMS campaigns are way cheaper than the e-mail marketing ones, being read more than the e-mail, more personal than broadcasted media, more accepted than telemarketing and more measurable than the print media.
  • Direct response channel - with SMSs to short numbers (for instance, the text “YES” to 333), you can significantly increase the advertising campaign’s response rate and generate instant responses, for the sales teams.
  • Instant results - most people have all the time access to the mobile phone and, therefore, the text messages are opened in a few seconds. Through 2WaySMS, clients can also respond in a couple of seconds. You no longer have to wait for weeks or months to collect the marketing campaign’s results.
  • Cost-efficiency - the output of the SMS campaigns’ investments is much bigger than other marketing tools. And if the clients send the message to their friends, the SMS marketing campaign turns into a viral and free one.

It’s time to meet the supreme advertising and marketing tool: the mobile phone! Contact us now!

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