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Mobile Advertising

If e-mail is personal, SMS just got more personal! Meet the supreme tool in advertising and marketing: the mobile phone!
Nothing is more personal than the mobile phone. Everybody has one, whatever their age or their social environment. And the best part is that messages get to them, wherever they are.

Nobody refuses communication by SMS as long as the message and content are relevant!

How do we know this?
A large group of men and women ages 18-35, with medium to higher education and incomes, have been interviewed about advertising, marketing and informational messages sent by SMS. After this study performed by Unlock Research, 4 types of users were identified.

  • 1

    The interactive type

    25%- open to useful information presented in a pleasant and creative way.

  • 2

    The adaptable type

    35% - high acceptability for mobile advertising.

  • 3

    The reserved type

    31% - conservative attitude toward communication, but reacts positively if the information is concise and can be stimulated by benefits (bonuses, discounts etc.)

  • 4

    The demanding type

    9% – seeks a more clear and precise type of information and can be attracted by personalized offers.

Therefore, clients exist, innovation in communication exists also and, more than that, it is cheap and efficient.

How do we exploit this new media?By:

Mobile Advertising Vodafone România.

Mobile Advertising Vodafone România.

In partnership with Vodafone Romania we can conceive and communicate campaigns to the Vodafone Romania client database, segmented and filtered by your specifications.

Mobile Advertising Orange România.

Mobile Advertising Orange România.

In the same way, but in partenership with Orange Romania,

we can communicate SMS campaigns to their client database

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