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2 Way SMS

SMS messages no longer represent a unilateral communication channel. 89% of mobile phone users want to be able to communicate directly with a brand. The reasons vary, but most are registered in the databases of a company to receive discount coupons. Others want to receive alerts about a schedule or simply to be aware of what's happening on the market. More than half of consumers consider a brand to be a notable one when using two-way messages as a communication channel.

Among the most common bidirectional SMS campaigns, we find:

- the client sends SMS with the code on the package / invoice / receipt and can win an instant prize or can register for a raffle
- the client sends SMS to a short number to register for an event, private parties, product testing, etc.
- the client sends an SMS to a short number to confirm / cancel an appointment or to be contacted by a consultant
- the client sends SMS to a short number to find data regarding the account balance, the available credit, the payment amount, self-service type of SMS interaction.

Moreover, with 2 Way SMS you benefit from:

Automatically reply by SMS to all incoming messages

Validation / invalidation rules for each SMS received

Client connectivity by HTTP and SMPP protocols

24/7 technical support

With the help of Bidirectional SMS campaigns you save time, money and communicate effectively with your current or potential clients or with your partners and employees. You sent a message and collected answers easily, quickly and efficiently


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