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SMS messages no longer represent a unilateral communication channel. 89% of mobile phone users want to be able to communicate directly with a brand. The reasons vary, but most are registered in the databases of a company to receive discount coupons. Others want to receive alerts about a schedule or simply to be aware of what's happening on the market. More than half of consumers consider a brand to be a notable one when using two-way messages as a communication channel.

Among the most common bidirectional SMS campaigns, we find:
- the client sends SMS with the code on the package / invoice / receipt and can win an instant prize or can register for a raffle;
- the client sends SMS to a short number to register for an event, private parties, product testing;
- the client sends an SMS to a short number to confirm / cancel an appointment or to be contacted by a consultant;
- the client sends SMS to a short number to find data regarding the account balance, the available credit, the payment amount, self-service type of SMS interaction.

With 2 Way SMS you benefit from:

Automatically reply by SMS to all incoming messages

Validation / invalidation rules for each SMS received

Client connectivity by HTTP and SMPP protocols

24/7 technical support

Several technologies built into a 2-way campaign:

With sendSMS, you have several technologies integrated into conversational messaging: SMS, short link, QR code. Generate a QR code from your sendSMS account, and redirect users to a custom Landing Page via a short URL. Users can enter a contest on that LP or receive an instant discount code via SMS.

In addition, through sendSMS you benefit from:

Secure web platform

…with free access, from where you set up campaigns, generate QR codes, have access to advanced reports in real time.

Unlimited credit availability

which you can use in any type of SMS campaign you want, not just the 2-way SMS.

Redundant servers

…to ensure continuity of service. ISO 27001 certified.

Account Manager

… dedicated to your project. You get free support at every step of the campaign.

With the help of Bidirectional SMS campaigns you save time, money and communicate effectively with your current or potential clients or with your partners and employees. You sent a message and collected answers easily, quickly and efficiently.

2 ways SMS International - Short Code & VLN

Do you have hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers? We send text messages in over 150 countries, regardless of volume.

You can communicate directly with customers through Short Codes nationwide and Virtual Long Numbers globally. These numbers are not associated with physical phones or SIM cards, which means they are used in various ways and easily managed.

You can redirect all answers to one place, such as the CRM you are using.

Short numbers and Virtual Long Numbers (VLN) have the following advantages: customers can contact you directly, without having to send a message first; easy to configure and customize; auto-responders; personalized messages; detailed analysis of SMS campaigns; option to sign up / unsubscribe; can be used in multichannel campaigns; the ability to receive replies via email.

Short Code vs Virtual Long Number

the difference between them:

Short Codes

Short numbers, 17xx type, are easy to remember.

Ideal for radio / TV competitions.

Region (country) – specific.

Keyword dependent

(Customers need to write a specific word in the campaign).

I want a short code

Virtual Long Numbers

12-digit mobile number.

Massive scalability.

Not charged extra by operators.

Can also be used for calls.

Not country-specific. It works worldwide and in roaming.

I want a VLN

Most Common 2-way SMS Campaigns Short Code & VLN

Votes & Contests

NGO donations

Meetings and Events

Banking transactions


Customer Service

For more details on each country and fees, don’t hesitate to contact us.