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SMS2Mail service allows you to send SMS messages from your mobile, directly into your mailbox, whether it is a webmail client (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Hotmail) or an independent email client (Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or Mail).

Sending messages can be done from any mobile network.

The service is dedicated to people and companies who wish to communicate through e-mails using a SMS2Mail platform integrated with the mobile operator without using any other applications or additional modules.

SendSMS.ro offers a short number like 17xx or 18xx from which text messages are sent , being redirected to the e-mail addresses set in the account.

The number of messages is not limited in any way and sending them is as easy for 1 email or 100.000 emails.

Few of the SMS2Mail service functions:

Compatibility with every mobile operator network (Cosmote, DigiMobil, Orange, Vodafone, Indygen).

Immediate message delivery.

Delivery status reports.

Friendly and easy to use interface.

Friendly and easy to use interface.

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