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Through its collaborations with the main E-commerce providers on the market sendSMS has managed to help online shop owners to increase their brands awareness and retain customers  through notifications and promotions, available through a direct marketing channel, effective, inexpensive, and 100% Measurable: SMS.

SendSMS E-commerce solutions:

At this point SendSMS solutions are being used by:


Best automated marketing system in Europe, top 6 worldwide, over 4000 B2B clients, B2C and Ecommerce over 40 countries.

SALESmanago tracks persons and companies that reaches their site, read their emails, ultimately tracking and analysing their online behaviour.

On the collected database, the system makes an automated segmentation and takes automated marketing actions through all channels.

Integrating with SendSMS.ro platform allow communication with clients or visitors of your site through SMS triggers for the events you want, configured in the SalesManago platform.


ContentSpeed its an e-commerce agency which offers dedicated online store solutions for creating, optimizing and promoting B2C and B2B over the Internet. SendSMS.ro and ContentSpeed are already integrated offering its clients quick access to SMS notifications, who can ultimately bring revenues though B2C and B2C clients.



Over 5000 stores in 16 countries use the eCommerce MerchantPro Cloud solution. The e-commerce platform with all its functionalities allows developing a successful online business.


While1 Software its a customizable, user-friendly easy to use e-commerce platform. It its know that shops opened with While1 have received numerous awards and notable results.

sendSMS.ro and While1 platforms are already integrated offering its clients quick access to SMS notifications, who can ultimately bring revenues though B2C and B2C clients.


Retargeting its an automated marketing application who uses its own algorithm to track and study the actions of each visitors of an online shop. After settling a profile, Retargeting sends custom automated messages (e-mail, pop-up, SMS), then measures and optimizes the results. These actions are meant to increase the conversion rate and therefor the sales of the online store.

The integration allows communication with its clients or visitors through SMS triggers for the campaigns you want to enable.


Newsman is the biggest native Email Service Provider with nearly 100 million emails monthly. With their help, you can safely enable transactional newsletters and emails to your clients.

Newsman it’s the type of platform DO IT YOURSELF and allows acces to predefined templates, automation through API, detailed reports by web, email and application (iOS / Android).

sendSMS.ro si Newsman platforms are already integrated offering its clients quick access to SMS notifications, who can ultimately bring revenues though B2C and B2C clients.


GoMag reinvents online stores in Romania, offering them everything they need to sell: responsive design, simple product configuration, intuitive ordering process, multiple payment methods, support included. Through the partnership with SendSMS, the GoMag platform completes the range of services it offers to its partners. The GoMag ecommerce platform is developed by a team with over 12 years of experience that helps over 350 Romanian stores to successfully sell online.


Avanticart is a premium platform that integrates from the management software, the cash register and the telephone exchange, so that our customers’ online (and offline) shops can focus on quality of service, store promotion and profit maximization.


FamShop is a fully automated Romanian ecommerce platform, integrated with ERP, CRM and courier programs. Through the partnership with sendSMS.ro, online merchants benefit from the automatic sending of SMSs at different times of order processing.


We offer professional web and mobile solutions for any type of business. We develop the concept in an application that optimizes the internal activity of your company


GAMA IT is a company specialized in the development of integrated IT solutions, with over 12 years experience in fields such as health (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies) and laboratories (clinical, veterinary or for food safety, the pharma industry).

With more than 80 projects successfully implemented, Gama IT solutions are currently used by over 12,500 unique users.

Business Online Control Panel

The Business Online Control Panel is a cloud solution that includes a cloud management application (+ offline POS software) connected to multiple online marketplaces, websites made on any platform and facilitates order processing, generating of the bids and invoices. . The integration implemented with sendsms.ro allows sending sms alerts for various ERP events: taking an order, generating awb, issuing the invoice, delivery status, etc.

AWeb Design

Regardless of the complexity of your project, the AWeb Design team will help you implement it.

We offer a variety of web services that include the development of presentation sites, online stores, card processor integrations and billing programs, the development and implementation of Dropshipping platforms and their hosting on high-performance servers.


Tradesoft, e-commerce software for the auto business, integrates the sendSMS service into their platform. Tradesoft thus offers online store owners the option to notify their customers regarding order status, news, discounts. Thanks to SMS messaging, Tradesoft users significantly reduce their costs for the Customer Relations department.

SendSMS E-commerce solutions are easy to integrate in any platform with the help of an API. If you are interested in opening a partnership with us, contact us.