sendSMS = Chat & SMS Marketing + Mobile Advertising.

It’s time to meet the supreme advertising and marketing tool: the mobile phone!

The Power of SMS Marketing:

98% open rate

SMS has a 98% open rate and only 1% spam. In contrast, email has a 20% open rate and 49.7% spam.

90% are read in < 3 min.

We always have our phones close at hand. Usually, SMS are read within 3 minutes and the expected ones immediately (e.g. codes, passwords).

29% conversion rate

On average, a 200% higher conversion rate than other digital marketing strategies. Especially if the SMS includes short, branded links.

The right message, at the right time

When the user arrives at a targeted location, such as a mall or airport, they receive a personalized SMS message.

20X engagement with RCS Business

Rich Content SMS: photos, video, and carousels, messages up to 1600 cc. With an engagement 20X higher than the classic SMS.

Excellent ROI

The price of an SMS campaign is low; for example, 20 euros for 500 SMS, and 190 euros for 5000 classic SMS. The Return on Investment is excellent.

Businesses that rely on SMS Marketing have a massive advantage: direct access to customer attention. Have you ever received an SMS and not read it? Instead, how many online/TV ads have you ignored? No one refuses text messaging if you follow 3 basic rules: user permission, message relevance, and optimal frequency.

Here's how we can help you grow your business:

Classic SMS, Rich Media, Chat

Bulk SMS, RCS Business Messaging, Viber Notifications, 2-way SMS, Mail2SMS, SMS2Mail, Short URL, QR Code, 2-Step Authentication and One Time Passwords via SMS, HLR Number Lookup.

Mobile Advertising

When you do not have a database, with sendSMS, you can send classic and rich media SMS notifications, location-based SMS, or interactive voice responses (IVR) to the GSM network's customer database. Segmentation by age, gender, location, etc.

Native SMS Addons

Over 30 free SMS addons for Ecommerce CMS, CRM, ERP, and Integrators worldwide: Magento, PrestaShop, Woocommerce, Shopify, Zapier, ZenDesk, Integromat, HubSpot, UiPath,, and others


You integrate an external database via API or connect your app/software to our platform via HTTP(s) API to send Bulk SMS. We provide you with documentation and free support or connect you with our IT partners.

SMS campaigns are the cheapest and most accepted forms of Mobile Marketing. SMS Marketing is used for increasing sales, brand awareness, CRM, loyalty and retention campaigns, or as a direct answer tool for TV, radio, and print campaigns.

How does it work?

Do you want to send Mass Text Messages to hundreds, thousands, or millions of customers? With sendSMS, you operate in the mobile marketing sector without specialized staff. It’s simple, fast, and cost-effective. We cover more than 171 countries.

Our web interface

  • Register for free on the platform here.
  • Purchase credits (unlimited validity).
  • Upload your phone number list.
  • You can segment the contact list by purchased product, order amount, etc.
  • Write the message or customize the templates for your SMS campaigns.
  • Send mass text messages or schedule your SMS campaigns. 
  • Check the reports and enjoy the results.
  • You only pay the credits.

Native SMS addon / API connection

  • Register for free on the platform here.
  • Purchase credits (unlimited validity).
  • Install the free SMS plugin corresponding to your platform (see here). Or connect your software via API to the platform.
  • Write the message or customize the templates for your SMS campaigns.
  • Send individual or bulk SMS messages from your admin panel. 
  • Check the reports and enjoy the results.
  • You only pay the credits.



in a nutshell

0 years of activity

in the SMS Marketing & Mobile Advertising sector.

0 companies

we’ve helped to retain their customers and increase their sales.

0 integrations

no-code and low-code with CMS, CRM, ERP softwares worldwide. Free native SMS addons.

0 countries

we cover + 900 telephone networks worldwide.

We have been active in the Mobile Advertising sector for 14 years. We’ve helped 2500 brands build customer loyalty and increase sales through SMS advertising campaigns, transactional SMS messages, Viber Chat messages, and automated multi-channel notifications. We successfully collaborate with businesses from various fields of activity: eCommerce, Banking, Insurance, SuperMarkets, Store Chains, Telecommunications, Medical Clinics, HoReCa, Transport & Courier, and others.

sendSMS is one of the most reliable CPaaS in Europe and “The best mobile advertising platform in Romania” (European Enterprise Awards 2021).


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