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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and One Time Password (OTP)

Secure online transactions with unique OTP passwords sent via SMS.

Integrate our 2-step authentication API to protect your data, accounts, and user transactions.

Secure your business and customer accounts with unique OTP passwords sent via SMS

2FA si OTP

Guaranteed Delivery

Our SMS gateway delivers large volumes of one time passwords in a timely manner.

Easy API Configuration

Easy integration and configuration. Generate and deliver OTPs via SMS and verify the response. API documentation here.

GDPR compliant

An extra layer of security for data protection and GDPR compliance.

Secure your accounts and online transactions with OTP & 2FA via SMS

How does our OTP API work?


The OTP request is generated by the API


The OTP is sent to the user via SMS message


The user receives and enters the one time password


Our API verifies the code & gives access

Build Your Own OTP & 2FA Solution with SendSMS

Ensure fast authentication of new users and protect your data and online transactions with 2-step authentication. Send unique passwords via SMS to provide an extra layer of security.

Advantages of using SMS as a secondary authentication method:

  • Easy implementation – users always have their mobile phone at hand.
  • Fast delivery – 99.98% of unique OTP passwords are delivered.
  • Low cost – requires no additional hardware and requires minimal maintenance.
  • World wide connection – we cover over 700 operators in over 150 countries.
  • ISO 27001 certificate – we send messages directly to the short message center of GSM operators, without intermediaries who can steal data from that message.

Add 2FA and OTP via SMS at any step of your customer journey

Account creation

Request verification when a user creates an account to prevent fraud, abuse, and bots.

Login verification

Protect user accounts and their data by providing OPTs sent via SMS when logging in.

Transaction verification

Add an extra layer of security when processing transactions, sharing files or signatures.

Account updates
Avoid account takeovers by enabling customers to confirm account updates with one time passwords received via SMS.

According to Microsoft, more than 400 million malware attacks take place every day in the world. And over 300 million fraudulent authentication attempts. Most data leaks are caused by the theft of credentials (81%), duplication of passwords (73%) and the use of unauthorized applications by employees (50%). 99% of attacks can be blocked by a simple solution: 2-step authentication.

Take the first step towards securing your business!