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2 Step Authentication

What is 2-step authentication?

2-step authentication adds an additional level of security during an authentication session, which can help in the process of compliance with the new EU regulation on the protection of personal data (679/2016 - GDPR).

Authentication based on a username and password is called simple authentication. 2-step authentication requires two out of three types of authentication before accessing an account.

The 2 stages can be:

Something you know, such as a PIN, password or template

Something you already own, an ATM card or phone

The use of SMS Notifications within 2-Step Authentications has become a common denominator for several domains that require extra security in the authentication process: banking, entertainment, and here we are referring to the gaming side and not least social networks.

Initially the 2-Step Authentication service came to the aid of banks, insurance companies and the public sector. However, with the growing concern of cybercrime, the adoption of this type of authentication has become widely used.

With 2-Step Authentication the Single Use Pin is sent directly to the user’s mobile phone at the time of authentication. There are significant advantages in using the mobile phone as a method of securing authentication via SMS:

Easy implementation - is something that the user is already wearing

Convenient - Users always have their phone with them

Low cost - no additional hardware required

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