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sendSMS GPT – The AI Assistant for Optimizing SMS Campaigns

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sendSMS GPT – Your AI-Powered SMS Campaign Optimizer. sendSMS GPT is a virtual assistant that uses the capabilities of Chat GPT-4 to optimize your SMS notifications and SMS marketing campaigns.

sendsms chatgpt

sendSMS GPT – Your Solution for Cost-Efficient SMS Campaigns

sendSMS GPT is an expert in crafting 160-character SMS messages on any topic. 

We know that sometimes it is difficult to include in 160 characters what you want to communicate to customers. sendSMS GPT is configured not to use emojis or diacritics, with the goal of not exceeding 1 SMS credit.

When sending SMS messages to thousands of customers, it’s essential to keep costs down by packing the essentials into a 160-character message.

sendSMS GPT helps you be more creative

With sendSMS GPT, you create unique, informative, entertaining, or persuasive SMS messages. If you’re out of ideas, sendSMS GPT can generate SMS templates or suggest alternatives to your text messages. You provide the information to include in the text message, specify the communication tone, indicate the target audience, and you’ll receive personalized suggestions.

sendSMS GPT helps you save time

You can upload XLS/CSV files based on which sendSMS GPT can create personalized SMS messages. You instruct it to compile the messages in the same file, which you can export and then import into the sendSMS platform or other programs for automating your SMS campaigns.

Test it right now:


(The sendSMS chatbot is free and can be used with a paid account at ChatGPT)

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