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sendSMS customers can rely on #Makeitfuture for no-code automations and API integrations

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As sendSMS customers move towards automating SMS & Chat communication and business workflows, development requirements increase. Thus, we decided to outsource the custom developments requested by sendSMS customers to a few trusted technology partners.

We are happy to announce that we have added a new certified integrator to our list of recommendations: #Makeitfuture, a software agency specialized in creating innovative solutions using no-code tools and AI technology.

sendSMS provides its customers with a list of IT companies that can provide direct assistance in API integrations, no-code automation, or software solution development: https://www.sendsms.ro/en/technology-partners/ 

We let sendSMS customers choose who they want to work with, without any middleman, and we don’t charge any commission to the IT experts we refer.

More about #Makeitfuture

#Makeitfuture is a software agency specializing in crafting innovative solutions using no-code tools and AI technology. They ensure your software platforms communicate efficiently, driving productivity and innovation. Whether it’s accounting, marketing, HR, E-commerce, or CRM, cloud automation tools and applications can be easily integrated into existing workflows, automating manual and recurring processes.

Examples of #Makeitfuture automation that have helped businesses grow, saving time, effort, and money:

  • The integration in a single interface for offer requests received by email, phone, chat, the list of concluded contracts, and the list of services offered to customers.
  • Synchronize online stores with multiple digital platforms to centralize orders and invoices and synchronize stocks between online and physical stores.
  • Automate the generation of contracts, agreements, diplomas of participation, and certificates.
  • Automate fuel expense management for vehicle fleets.
  • Centralize in one organized hub of leads from multiple platforms, such as Facebook Leads Ads, Google Ads, WhatsApp, and email campaigns.

Discover the infinite possibilities of automation for your business! Schedule a free consultation session with #Makeitfuture experts: https://www.makeitfuture.com/contact/ 

More about sendSMS

The sendSMS.ro platform and sendSMS no-code and low-code integrations allow you to send SMS messages to hundreds or thousands of customers simultaneously, customize messages for specific contact groups, customize messages based on user behavior, or send SMS messages automatically based on predefined triggers.

SMS Automation streamlines productivity, builds customer loyalty, and increases sales in a simple, fast, and cost-effective way.

Whether you’re sending appointment reminders, online order updates, discount notifications, or other personalized marketing campaigns, SMS notifications will ensure your success. SMS has a 99% open rate and only 1% spam; in contrast, email has a 20% open rate and 49.7% spam. In addition, SMS campaigns have a 200% higher conversion rate than other digital marketing strategies.

sendSMS is one of Europe’s most trusted Communications platforms as a Service (CPaaS), building a strong global presence with coverage in over 171 countries and over 900 mobile network operators worldwide.

Learn more here: https://www.sendsms.ro/en/

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