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For those who are looking for a business in the field, we like to believe that we can offer it. And we really can. Because we have the experience, the specialists in mobile telephony and the global presence we make available to you. All this comes with many other benefits:

Customize with your own logo, simple to use interface

Full customer control, pricing routes

Monitoring of sent SMS

Flexible Upload Instruments

Moreover, we always try to come up with flexible solutions for resellers, whether they are beginners or experienced. But if you're still wondering "why with you", you'll find the answers below:

Competitive prices

24/7 traffic support and monitoring

Dedicated service for resellers

Worldwide coverage in over 151 countries with over 700 operators

SLA services guaranteed delivery

In addition, you benefit from an in-house developed application that includes several vital customer management functions as simply as possible and a high-performance platform that has the standard features of the SendSMS system, a global SMSC network and SS7 connectivity with increased efficiency.

If you are interested in a successful long-term partnership, don't think too much.

Join the Resellers program for free.