Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability – a service used for a correct sending of SMS and voice calls, to the real mobile operator.

Our Portability product - which is based on interrogations of the Romanian ported numbers database, updated daily – and can be accessed by API or from your own SendSMS account, offering current information about all ported numbers in the Romanian mobile networks.

*In the 7 years since number portability service has been launched, 2.327.058 phone numbers have changed the mobile operator, but not the actual user. Of these, 1.798.488 are mobile numbers, and 528.570 are landlines.

Since this service was launched in Romania, on the 21st of October 2008, the number of the users that chose to change the mobile operator has constantly increased.

The volume of ported numbers on every year since the services was launched is as follows:

21st Oct – 31st Dec
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
1st Ian – 16th Oct
15.681 180.239 221.219 260.256 255.893 274.137 564.648 554.985

From the total of the ported numbers between October 2008 – October 2015, 77% are mobile numbers, that is 1.798.488. In the mobile telephony segment, Vodafone continues to be the operator that receives most numbers through portability – 509.318 numbers, followed by Orange that has 452.551 numbers, RCS-RDS with 447.209 numbers, Telekom Romania Mobile Communications with 373.669 ported numbers, and Telekom Romania Communications with 14.975 mobile ported numbers.

Over 89% of the total numbers ported between 1st of January – 16th of October are mobile numbers, a total of 494.397. Almost half of these were ported to RDS-RCS network, meaning 233.546 numbers, while Vodafone got only 111.170 new ported users, Orange – 83.520, Telekom Romania Mobile Communications – 55.436, and Telekom Romania Communications 10.691. (*information offered by )


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