SMS Marketing Services

The SendSMS company offers its mobile communication expertise and, moreover, a dedicated account manager who will offer all the information you need to connect to the SendSMS mobile applications platform. SendSMS finds itself on the Romanian SMS marketing market since 2008 and offers a full communication platform on Vodafone and Orange telecommunication networks. A large number of clients trust us. You should join them!

SMS Marketing Services through

Bulk SMS

Also known as Push campaigns, it’s the most common form of communication with the consumer through SMS and its role is to build brand notoriety and its clients loyalty. SMS campaigns allow the exploitation of an existing client database. Its main purpose is to communicate offers, promotions and news.

Mobile Advertising

Nothing is more personal than the mobile phone. Everybody has one, no matter their age or their social environment. And the best part is that messages get to them, wherever they are. Nobody refuses communication by SMS as long as the message and content are relevant!


Interact with millions of users worldwide using only one number. That’s what 2 way SMS campaigns are. When you start a 2 way communication campaign, you have the option to choose between short numbers or SIM Hosting.

SMS Gateway

Or how to get in the mobile marketing field, without needing specialized personnel. To combine the marketing abilities with the technology capable of putting your vision into practice. That’s how SendSMS works. A revolutionary platform through which you can manage the “SMS mailing” campaigns.

HLR Number Lookup

Want to optimize messages and save money? That’s what our HLR service does by identifying destinations where messages cannot be delivered. Basically, it’s a service that insures your messages successful delivery and that a number,  which is not from your network or country, is not increasing your costs excessively.

2 Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds a second level of authentication to an account log-in. When you have to enter only your username and one password, that's considered a single-factor authentication. 2FA requires the user to have two out of three types of credentials before being able to access an account.


The Mail2SMS service allows the sending of SMS messages straight from the e-mail client, whether we’re talking about a webmail client (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft Hotmail) or an independent one (Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Mail) to any mobile number from Romania.


The SMS2Mail allows sending the SMS messages on the mobile phone, straight to the e-mail mailbox. offers you a short number such as 17XX or 18XX, to which text messages are sent, these being redirected to the e-mails addresses set in the account.

Among the advantages of the SMS campaigns we mention the following:

• The communication of the message is direct;

• High percentage of SMSs views;

• The message reaches the targeted audience;

• Loyalty of the existing clients;

• Very favorable cost-benefits report;

• Measurable results;

• Direct responsed/feedback channel.


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