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Key features of SendSMS Magento Plugin

  • It can be installed and very easy customized from the administration panel of the online shop.
  • It allows sending customized SMS regarding the status of the orders.
  • You can send SMS advertising campaigns to an existing database ad can be customized by:  bought product, period, minimum amount order, county.
  • Test SMS – you can send an SMS to any number for preview purposes of what your SMS notification.
  • Ability to selectively send SMS notification to any client that placed an order on your website.
  • It offers the possibility to see real time reports regarding delivery status.
  • One can customize the Sender with your shop’s name – it need pre-authorisation of it.
  • Magento 2.0+ compatibility.
  • team will offer free training, installation and post-sale support.

Installing and configuring the SendSMS Magento Plugin

  1. Download the plugin from here.
  2. Unzip and creat a new folder in app/code/, named AnyPlaceMedia – exactly as its written here – than, in same folder, create a new folder names The content of this archive must be put in this las folder.
  3. All archive folders should be in app/code/AnyPlaceMedia/SendSMS
  4. Create an account in SendSMS platoform here and buy the necessary credits. Same authentication data will be used to set-up the plugin.
  5. Set-up and customize the plugin from Stores > Configuration > SENDSMS –there is a tab in the left side.

    Additionally, you can get it from GhitHub with the following command:
    composer require sendsmsro/sendsms-magento:1.0.0 --no-update
    composer update



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